Exciting Book about the Rebellion of 1837

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The Book

To The Outskirts of Habitable Creation is a thrilling account of American and Canadian history. Follow the battles, trials, and escapes that characterized these rebels.


Whether you are a historian or a hobbyist, our list of rebels from each country and state involved in the Rebellion of 1837 is sure to assist you in your research.


Discover what readers across the country are saying about our historical book. This detailed chronicle is great for everyone, from casual readers to history enthusiasts.

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About the Book

When you're looking for a historical book that features action and accuracy, pick up a copy of To The Outskirts of Habitable Creation by Stuart D. Scott. With illustrations by Seth Colby, this captivating story of American and Canadian rebels is available now in a new 2013 edition. Follow the lives of the rebels and their wives as they plead with two governments, and Queen Victoria, to spare their lives. Stuart D. Scott is a retired archaeologist who has written widely on prehistory and history. He is the coauthor of Exploring the Unknown: Great Mysteries Reexamined. He lives in Tucson, Arizona. Seth Colby has drawn and painted for a living since the age of seven. He is a writer, sailor, alpinist, and a published architectural photographer.

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